Workers’ Compensation

Injuries at work can happen at any time and affect all types of workers, including heavy laborers, nurses, and other professionals. Getting the right care for your work injury is essential to ensure proper healing so you can get back to your normal job duties. The health care team at reNu Medical & Injury Center in Newark, Delaware, specializes in workers’ compensation and provides the treatment you need to manage your work injury. Call the office or use the online tool to book an appointment today.

Workers' Compensation Q & A

What is workers’ compensation?

When you get injured at work, your employer is responsible for covering the costs of your medical care, as well as lost wages, which is called workers’ compensation. Though workers’ compensation is a required benefit, many health care providers refuse to care for work-related injuries due to the additional paperwork required to cover the medical care they give to the injured worker.

The team at reNu Medical & Injury Center specializes in workers’ compensation. They understand the paperwork involved and work closely with attorneys and insurance adjusters to ensure you get the medical care you need. 

When should I seek medical care for a work injury?

If you suffer an injury at work, you should seek medical care right away, even if your symptoms are mild or seem to be resolving. Work injuries may cause an imbalance in your body that can lead to chronic health conditions if left untreated. 

The team at reNu Medical & Injury Center specializes in identifying these imbalances and provides personalized care to restore balance, promote healing, and prevent long-term health complications. 

reNu Medical & Injury Center provides care for many common injuries and pain conditions, including:

  • Neck pain and arm pain
  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Shoulder pain
  • Whiplash

To schedule your workers’ compensation appointment, contact reNu Medical & Injury Center today. 

What can I expect during a workers’ compensation evaluation?

The team at reNu Medical & Injury Center takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to care, and you can expect a thorough evaluation when you come for treatment of a workers’ compensation injury. During the exam, your provider reviews the details of your injury and your symptoms, as well as your job duties and medical history.

Then they complete a physical exam and request diagnostic tests, such as lab work, X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. 

What are workers’ compensation treatments?

The team at reNu Medical & Injury Center develops personalized workers’ compensation treatment plans that specifically address your injury. The goal of your treatment plan is to support your body’s natural healing powers and restore normal body functions. 

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Taping and bracing
  • Massage therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Injection Therapy

To support health and healing, the team has you come to the office on a regular basis for treatment and evaluation. As your injury heals, the team adjusts your treatment plan so you can return to your usual job duties as quickly as possible without the risk of a reinjury.

For the management of your workers’ compensation case, contact reNu Medical & Injury Center by phone or online today.

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