Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine in Newark, DE

Medicine has certainly changed a lot over the years, and more and more doctors are placing their attention on ways to better emphasize and support a whole-body approach to health care. Here at reNu Medical & Injury Center, you aren’t just another number. Integrative medicine focuses on establishing and supporting a long-term relationship between a patient and our practitioners, to make sure that our patients get the trusted medical care and treatments they need to heal and feel their best. Integrative medical care focuses on providing healing options for you.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Many people wonder how integrated medicine differs from conventional medicine. While our integrated medicine providers do provide a variety of conventional medical interventions and treatment options, we also know that there are other alternative therapies and unique interventions out there that can provide faster healing within the body without relying on more invasive procedures and technologies. Our integrated medicine providers craft a patient-focused treatment plan that encompasses a wide range of both traditional and alternative therapies and treatment options. Our goal is to help you feel and function at your best.

The Benefits of Integrated Medicine

So, why should you turn to the integrative medicine team at reNu Medical & Injury Center? It’s simple. We care about you and your family’s health and we put that at the center of everything that we do. Instead of simply treating diseases and illnesses when they arise, we focus on ways to prevent disease first and foremost to promote long-term health and wellbeing in all of our patients, no matter their age or background. Our team of integrated medicine providers take ample time with each patient, discussing their health and concerns at length, and getting a more detailed as well as big-picture approach to how to best care for every patient. 

Our care is always tailored to you.

Connecting the Health Dots

We are also health detectives as much as we are practitioners, figuring out the best approaches to manage symptoms and promote better health in our patients. By sitting down with our team we can discuss your dietary needs and other aspects of your lifestyle that are connected to health, and conditions. Through alternative options such as herbal supplements or Chinese medicine, we can provide you tools needed to better manage chronic health issues, and your overall well-being.

Are you wondering what integrated medicine can do to improve your health and wellbeing? If so, call reNu Medical & Injury Center in Newark, DE, at (302) 368-0124 to schedule an appointment today!

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