Managing Back Pain

Back pain can greatly impact just about every aspect of your daily life and activities. It can affect the way you sit, the way you walk, or if you're even able to do either without intense pain. For help managing your back pain, instead of immediately seeking surgery or turning always to pain medication to get through the day, you should consider seeking help from your Newark, DE, chiropractor. Learn more by getting in contact with Dr. Matthew DeFroda of reNu Medical & Injury Center.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be brought on by different causes, and sometimes they can be difficult to pinpoint on your own. A recent accident or fall, for example, can leave you aching for weeks, or longer, but the source of the pain is easier to determine.

It's much more difficult when the cause of the pain is due to an underlying health condition, disease, or bad posture while at work, whether your job involves lifting or you sit at a desk for hours.

When To Seek Professional Help

A strain, sprain, or mild injury, can often be treated at home with rest alone. But you should seek professional help if your condition does not improve after a few days, if the pain makes it difficult to carry on with everyday activities, or interrupts your sleep routine. As well as if you have limited mobility or have symptoms of a fever as a result.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Your chiropractor offers a variety of treatment options for helping treat the cause of your back pain as well as helping you manage the discomfort. After a consultation, your doctor can better prescribe a program tailored to your needs, but a very common treatment strategy is that of spinal manipulation through adjustments. This physical therapy continues even after you leave the office with at-home exercises that can help relieve the pain.

Back Pain Treatment in Newark, DE

If you are struggling with back pain and are ready to find relief you can schedule a visit with your local Newark, DE, professional, Dr. DeFroda of reNu Medical & Injury Center by dialing (302) 368-0124.

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